Transportation Infrastructure


PPM Civil Constructors (PPMCC) is integral to the development and maintenance of key transportation infrastructure by providing construction of bridges, causeway structures, boardwalks and esplanades that allow for both civilian traffic and critical commerce to keep moving.  PPMCC offers maintenance and repair services to protect against both normal deterioration and for the support of national security.  When called on, our demolition of same structures brings both experience and the right equipment to projects.  PPMCC is will staffed with qualified teams to support construction needs both planned and unscheduled.

Our reputation and successful background support:

  • Military Installations
  • Wharves
  • Bulkheads
  • Docks
  • Piers
  • Bridges & Causeways
  • Ferry Terminals
  • Marinas

What Sets Us Apart

Our skilled crews have the ability and expertise to safely work in remote locations with limited access and challenging weather conditions. We can perform specialized upgrades and maintenance to meet a variety of needs. We have a small fleet of thermal spray coating machines that can apply metallization to structures in need of corrosion protection. With support of our diving subcontractors we can also install pile wraps and cathodic protection that also service in corrosion protection.