PPM Civil Constructors places the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce.

It is the ultimate goal of PPMCC to achieve an accident- and injury-free work record. We believe this can be accomplished by establishing the proper attitude towards health and safety, establishing strong effective work practices, and providing safeguards necessary to ensure safe operations.
Maintaining a safe work environment is the foundation behind everything we do as a company. Our Safety Culture is based on
the philosophy that accidents are preventable.






Our Safety Program promotes employees to protect themselves and others and correct potentially unsafe behaviors. The program includes a full range of ongoing initiatives, including training for new employees, weekly toolbox meetings, and regular safety audits. In addition, every employee of PPMCC is empowered to proactively address potential hazards. Before any project begins, safety measures are addressed, and a site-specific safety plan is developed.
A successful safety program requires company-wide participation. PPMCC’s focus on safety provides our clients with peace-of-mind that comes from knowing safety is the most important task on every job site.

Consistent Improvement for Complete Safety

PPM Civil Constructors “Great Safety Catch” program represents the culture that is carried by all our employees who are always looking for ways to improve our safety program. It is representative of our dedication and the work we do every day. Our top-down safety culture starts with our Company Leadership and flows down to the workforce completing our projects. 
Safety planning is integral to projects from early design to project completion. “There’s still more out there to catch”, reflects the ongoing mission to identify issues before they become an accident. Our safety department works with project teams to ensure safe attitudes and choices are made both on and off the job. 
We work with safety & health representatives from WorkSafe B.C., Occupational Health Safety (OHS), and other national and provincial regulatory agencies to ensure our policies and are world-class. We are a recognized top performer in our industry and our reputation reflects our commitment to safety.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Our company maintains substance-impaired employees are a potential danger to themselves and others in the workplace. Our policies strictly prohibit the use of alcohol, illegal drugs, controlled substances, and the improper use of over-the-counter drugs in the workplace.
A copy of our Corporate Drug and Alcohol Prevention Policy can be provided upon request.


Highlighted Certifications

Pacific Pile & Marine is proud to be a CWB Certified company


PPM Civil Constructors is BCCSA CORE CERTIFIED

PPMCC maintains the high standards of HSE implementation required to achieve the CORE level of safety recognition