Lake Washington Dry Docks Removal

Client WA State Dept of Natural Resources
Location Lake Washington, WA
Scope Of Work Dry Dock Disposal

Project Detail

Deconstruction of two derelict sunken dry docks in 25-ft of water went beyond the normal vessel salvage. The dry docks had been underwater too long and had buried themselves in the sediment. This demanded that the docks be deconstructed in-water.  Water quality during deconstruction was protected by installing a full-depth, anchored, impervious turbidity curtain around the work area perimeter to contain suspended lakebed sediment and construction debris. Debris was loaded onto barges and sent to an upland disposal site. The project called for confined space diving and suction dredging.

This work was conducted for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources as part of their innovative state Derelict Vessels Program.