Bear Creek Hydroelectric Project

Client Liquid Sun Hydro LLC
Location Sechelt First Nation Land
Scope Of Work construct Two Hydro Facilities
Schedule 2010 -2011

Project Detail

TRP/PPM J/V design-build J/V  constructed two new greenfield hydro facilities consisting of Upper and Lower Bear Creek powerhouses and intakes with 20MW capacity.

The project was located on Sechelt First Nation Land in a forest area only accessible by boat or plane approximately 35 km NE of Sechelt, BC and 100 km outside the Vancouver Area.

The Upper Bear Intake structure required 1,100 m of above ground penstock consisted of 48-in welded steel pipe, switching station, and powerhouse which generated 12MW of power.  The Lower Bear Intake consisted of dam and stream diversion, 3 km new forest roads, 2 km restored forest roads, 950 m of buried 72-in welded steel pipe, switching station and powerhouse capable of generating 8MW of power.  Both facilities discharged at the head of Salmon Inlet in Clowhom Lake.

Over 5,000 m3 cast-in-place concrete was placed for the intake structures, power houses, penstock saddles, and cable crane system anchor slab utilized to install the 1,100 m of exposed penstock over 500 m of elevation change. The cable crane system was built along a 0.5-105% slope and capable of holding up to 39 MT of materials or equipment and up to 8 workers. The skyline cable crane system was the first built for temporary construction site access in North America.