Ammunition Pier Repair – Navy

Client U.S. Navy
Location Port Hadlock, WA
Scope Of Work Pier & Piling replacement
Schedule Sep-2012 - Jan-2013

Project Detail

The Ammunition Pier Piling Replacement consisted of the demolition, removal, and replacement of 24-in dia. hollow and 18-in dia. pre-stressed concrete piles. All the pile needed to be removed to mudline. Selective demolition and removal were also required at indicated areas of the crane rail concrete flangeway along with the inboard and outboard crane rails, where 39-ft nominal sections of crane rail were to be removed at bolted splices.

Installation of the 16 ea 24-inch solid prestressed concrete and six 18-in solid prestressed concrete piles called for water jetting to advance the pile to within five feet of final tip elevation via internal jet tubes. Pile was then driven to a final tip using an impact hammer. Using the correct hammer and driving techniques was essential to avoid driving fractures during installation. A proprietary steel “sled” was fabricated to assist with the installation of the batter pile.

Existing concrete pile caps, deck panels, and cast-in-place (CIP) concrete slabs were demolished to facilitate existing pile removal. Concrete pile caps were reconstructed to support the new piles. 4 concrete pile encasements were constructed on the North Access Pier and 4 concrete pile encasements on the Center Access Pier.

Underdeck repair work was conducted on the North Access Pier and Center Access Pier including CIP concrete pile cap repairs and beam repairs. Under deck and concrete cap repairs required extensive formwork and had to be built around tidal conditions.