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Port Facilities & Terminals

Experience and high standards have placed Pacific Pile & Marine as a leader in port facility, marine, and cruise terminal construction support. From new construction to repair and maintenance we have the pedigree and in-house equipment to get the job done right…

Look to PPM for support on:

✔ Cruise Ship Terminals
✔ Container Terminals
✔ Dry Bulk Terminals
✔ LNG Terminals
✔ Marinas
✔ Bulkheads
✔ Piers
✔ Docks
✔ Wharves

Dredging & Capping Services

Pacific Pile & Marine has the specialized equipment and capabilities to perform a variety of dredging and capping services.


PPM owns and operates an extensive range of dredging equipment that can be configured to perform standard dredge operations to environmental remediation and shoreline restoration. Our diverse fleet of barges, cranes, and excavators allows us to engage in complex projects that include the following three construction types:


PPM is experienced in remediation for contaminated sites. We often team with environmental engineering firms to provide value-engineering and constructability reviews for owners. Our crews are certified to handle subtitle D and C material and trained in the use of bmps including the deployment of debris booms and turbidity curtains. Equipment is outfitted with GPS/RTK hardware and software designed to perform precise, stepped dredge cuts and engineered caps.


In addition to routine maintenance dredging, PPM is capable of performing specialized, in-marina, precision dredging utilizing shallow draft dredging equipment outfitted with RTK. The small footprint of our equipment allows us to reach difficult to access areas with minimal disruption to on-going maritime operations. We maintain portable, modular barges that can be transported for inland work as well. PPM owns a variety of dredging buckets including sealed environmental Young buckets, Jewel and Young re-handle buckets.


PPM owns and operates a permitted transload facility located on the lower Duwamish River, a major Washington state waterway, allowing us to transfer TSCA and CERCLA classified material into trucks for disposal. PPM is experienced at transloading contaminated materials into containers, rail cars, and direct loading truck-and-pups. PPM owns and operates bottom-dump barges to deposit approved materials at state-approved open-water disposal sites. The bottom dump barges meet Department of Natural Resources requirements for the Open Water Disposal Site Use Authorization Permit and is capable of being loaded in shallow draft areas.


PPM performs hydro-graphic surveys to ensure consistent, accurate information throughout the dredging and capping process. Our hydrographic survey boat is equipped with a Reson 7125 multibeam capable of 0.5-degree beam widths and the Applanix POS MV IMU. Data from the boat can collected and processed in-house using HYPACK software. The information collected from the survey boat can be uploaded to our dredging software to identify areas needing potential corrections.


PPM’s equipment is frequently used for projects requiring environmental or engineered capping. The RTK-GPS system in-conjunction with the hydrographic survey boat can be used to place cap material to required elevations and slopes.


PPM self performs and can support heavy civil construction and rehabilitation of dams and hydroelectric facilities on all related hydropower, locks and dam structures. PPM provides all levels of support for rehabilitation and repair of both small and major facilities.

Look for support in:

✔Gate Rehabilitations and Installation
✔Erosion Control
✔Scour Protection and Remediation
✔Debris and Sediment Removal
✔Bulkhead, Pier and Pile Rehabilitation
✔Low Level Outlet (LLO) Rehabilitation
✔Inlet / Outlet Works, Penstock & Tunnel Support

Marine Casualty & Response

Pacific Pile and Marine teams with world class leaders in casualty and response services. We have a history of supporting both Coast Guard and private responses. PPM is on call for support at any hour to ensure that when an emergency happens, support is on the way.
Contracted relationships with regional and worldwide salvage service providers mean that you will be working with a trusted team that works in accordance with all federal, state and local safety regulations.

Look for support for:

✔Commercial Vessel Salvage
✔Aircraft Salvage
✔Boom & Bubbler Curtain installation
✔Sub Bottom Profiling and Hydrographic ✔Surveys
✔Environmental Dredging


Pacific Pile & Marine has a history of successful industrial projects and provide a range of heavy civil construction services throughout the Pacific rim region. Working with engineering companies and owners in the early design/constructability phase of projects can help us deliver cost-effective, safe solutions.

Capabilities Include:

✔Pile Driving
✔Sheet Pile Shoring
✔Gantry Crane Install / Demo
✔Trestle Construction and Maintenance

Transportation Infrastructure

Pacific Pile & Marine is integral to the development and maintenance of key transportation infrastructure by providing construction of bridges, causeway structures, boardwalks and esplanades that allow for both civilian traffic and critical commerce to keep moving. PPM offers maintenance and repair services to protect against both normal deterioration and for the support of national security. When called on, our demolition of same structures brings both experience and the right equipment to projects. PPM is will staffed with qualified teams to support construction needs both planned and unscheduled.

Our reputation and successful background support:

✔Military Installations
✔Bridges & Causeways
✔Ferry Terminals

Oil & Gas

Inshore and offshore support with equipment that is fit for a compliant and safe project. Look to PPM for support in decommissioning, platform installation, rig moves and reefing.
Pipeline related experience with PPM is extensive and include installation, repair and abandonment. Our team has worked with HDPE, Fiberglass, concrete, steel and ductile iron.

Why PPM?

PPMCC was created with the purpose to safely deliver turn-key construction solutions to complex projects throughout Canada. Our Team goes well-beyond delivering projects on-time and within budget. We bring added value to the process by focusing on three key principles:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Innovation

We’re constantly exploring ideas to lower cost and increase efficiencies without affecting safety or quality. We empower our crews to think creatively. A common phrase around the office is “the impossible just takes a little longer”.

From pre-construction to final development, our team will work in a collaborative manner to understand the unique needs of your project. Our partnering process ensures a clear vision from the earliest stages of the project. Having this understanding allows us to ask the right questions to help you make the right decisions for your project.

Our Mission

Value-driven construction solutions delivered safely, efficiently, and with integrity.

Committed to the the needs of our Clients, our employees, and the future sustainability of our company.

We are committed to providing solutions to challenging projects that require logistic expertise while maintaining our conviction to safety, quality, and innovation.

 Our goal is to maintain a reputation synonymous with safety and quality to attract the right people and deliver increasingly exceptional results.