Marine Casualty & Response


PPM Civil Constructors (PPMCC) teams with world class leaders in casualty and response services.  We have a history of supporting both Coast Guard and private responses.  PPMCC is on call for support at any hour to ensure that when an emergency happens, support is on the way throughout Western Canada.
Contracted relationships with regional and worldwide salvage service providers mean that you will be working with a trusted team that works in accordance with all federal, provincial and local safety regulations.
Look for support for:
  • Commercial Vessel Salvage
  • Aircraft Salvage
  • Demolition
  • Boom & Bubbler Curtain installation
  • Sub Bottom Profiling and Hydrographic Surveys
  • Environmental Dredging

What Sets Us Apart

Experience in salvage and environmental response with Coast Guard, EPA, CEPA as well as Fish and Game agencies means that PPM understands the need for safety, environmentally responsible response.  Our teams and equipment are available 24/7 for response when time is of the essence or for planned responses for cleanup or wreck removal.  Couple this with a fleet of floating assets that include some of the largest floating cranes in the Western Pacific.