PPM Civil Constructors (PPMCC) self performs and can support heavy civil construction and rehabilitation of dams and hydroelectric facilities on all related hydropower, locks and dam structures.  PPMCC provides all levels of support for rehabilitation and repair of both small and major facilities. 

Look for support in:

  • Gate Rehabilitations and Installation
  • Erosion Control
  • Scour Protection and Remediation
  • Debris and Sediment Removal
  • Bulkhead, Pier and Pile Rehabilitation
  • Low Level Outlet (LLO) Rehabilitation
  • Inlet / Outlet Works, Penstock & Tunnel Support

What Separates Us Apart

Our team is experienced in the safe, low-impact removal of structures over and near the marine and other environmentally sensitive areas. We have engineered methods to deconstruct timber piers using shearing technology equipped with a submersible mounted camera for visual confirmation of complete removal.