About Us


Heavy civil marine construction is at the heart of PPM Civil Constructors (PPMCC).  Our team, with over 100 years of combined construction management experience in all areas of marine, industrial, and marine transportation operations, has the experience and equipment to support the most challenging projects.   
Support on projects in Canada, North America and beyond is supported by regional offices as well as our partner company in the United States, Pacific Pile & Marine.
Our fleet of equipment includes a wide variety of cranes, barges, shallow and deep-water dredge rigs, a variety of pile driving and drilling gear.   
The PPMCC commitment to safety and the environment on every project is engrained in our team and ongoing programs are in place to continually look for ways to improve our offering. 

Fleet & Equipment 

PPMCC owns and operates an extensive inventory of specialized assets to support the wide array of marine projects we support.  Highlighted equipment categories include: 

  • Heavy Lift Cranes 
  • Dredges 
  • Barges 
  • Tug and Work Boats 
  • Pile Driving and Drilling Equipment 
  • Commercial Dive Equipment 
  • Marine Load Out Facilities 


To be a values-driven construction solutions company delivering safe, efficient, and quality products for all stakeholders.


Values are viewed as Pacific Pile & Marine legacy:

  • One Team: We are an inclusive, people-first company operating as one team toward collective goals.
  • Unrelenting Safety: We are committed to supporting and ensuring the health, wellness, and safety of our employees, partners, and community. 
  • Radically Innovate: Find a way to move past obstacles and thrive in an ever-changing environment.
  • Leave a Lasting Legacy:  Build a positive legacy that we are all proud of.
  • Engage Openly and Honestly:  Communicate fearlessly to build trust and relationships.
  • Grow and Improve:  Continuously improve to deliver quality results.
  • Accountability:  We own our actions, without making excuses or shifting blame.
  • Create Values:  We create long-term meaningful relationships, that provide value to our internal and external stakeholders


“Building the Future”
We are going to Build the future of the Americas in a way that all our stakeholders want and value while providing great, quality lives to all our employees and our communities.