& Marine Contractor
Heavy Civil


Port Facilities & Terminals

PPMCC is experienced with end-over-end construction and marine-based trestle installations, auger cast, drilled sockets, & driven pile. We can provide access trestles for traffic diversion and accessing environmentally sensitive areas.

Marine Casualty & Response

PPMCC teams with world-class leaders in casualty and response services.  We have a history of supporting both Coast Guard and private responses.  PPMCC is on call for support at any hour to ensure that when an emergency happens, support is on the way.

Dredging & Capping Services

Expertise to construct and maintain steel, timber, concrete, and composite marine structures. We have the specialized knowledge, equipment, and maintain the necessary pile inventory to implement access trestles for a host of applications including design-build.


PPMCC has a history of successful industrial projects and provides a range of heavy civil construction services throughout the Pacific Rim region.  Working with engineering companies and owners in the early design/constructibility phase of projects can help us deliver cost-effective, safe solutions.


PPMCC self performs and can support heavy civil construction and rehabilitation of dams and hydroelectric facilities on all related hydropower, locks and dam structures.  PPM provides all levels of support for rehabilitation and repair for all major facilities.

Transportation Infrastructure

PPMCC is integral to the development and maintenance of key transportation infrastructure by providing construction of bridges, causeway structures, boardwalks and esplanades that allow for both civilian traffic and critical commerce to keep moving.